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Technical dives for certification preparation

French national level 1 (N1)
Available from 12 years old, the N1 allows you to dive to 20m with a qualified guide. You will learn to manage your equipment, to stabilize yourself in the water and have your first safety instructions.

After N1, additional qualifications give you other possibilities :
• The qualification "Supervised Diver (PE 40)" will allow you to go down to 40m under the supervision of a qualified guide.
• The qualification "Autonomous Diver (PA 20)" will allow you to dive with a buddy up to 20m.

French national level 2 (N2)
The N2 is available from the age of 16. It allows you to dive up to 40m with an instructor and from 18 to dive in autonomy until 20m. You will learn to manage your dive parameters, your safety and also how to assist your diving companion if necessary.  The Autonomous Diver qualification (PA 40) will open the doors to dive to 40m without monitor.

French national level 3 (N3)
Available from 18 years old, the N3 will give you the right to dive until 60m with a buddy of at least equal qualification.

French national level 4 (N4)
Available from 18 years, the N4 will allow you to guide a group of level 1 and 2 divers within the limits of their certification.

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