Welcome to the CIP of Nice...

The René-Madeleine

The flagship of the CIP is made from steel with a length of 14m and a capacity of 38 divers.

It is a Chartered Merchant Marine vessel, covered and very friendly. Its size allows you to store your belongings on board without problems, the locations being provided for this purpose.

Its open space on the front is a great place for gathering after diving, to enjoy a fruit juice and share ours experiences verbally. In our twilight dives or theme of our day trips, this space also allows you to store or laze between dives. It has three exit points, easily accessible and allowing a smooth launch.

The Captain and his crew will be happy and proud to welcome you on board.

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2 Ruelle des Moulins

(Rue du Lazaret)

06300 NICE

+33 (0)4 93 55 59 50

+33 (0)6 09 52 55 57